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Armani White, Denzel Curry fight over who’s ‘GOATED’ in new single and video

Going viral as an artist isn’t a blessing, but rather an opportunity. Just ask Armani White, the 26 year old Philly-native who attracted the eyes and ears of the mainstream with “BILLIE EILISH” last year, which now sits north of 500 million streams worldwide.

With his first single being released all the way back in 2017, Armani White has been proving his worth for a while now. Bringing Denzel Curry along for the ride in his latest song and music video, Armani White not only proves that he’s “GOATED,” but does so in a flashy, satirical way.

Armani White’s zest for catchy chorus’ that is on full display here, with an almost Pharrell-esque melody and drum pattern from “BILLIE EILISH” beatmaker July Da Producer and producer Myles William giving way for both White and Curry to spit in whatever way they see fit. While Armani may carry the chorus and bridge that proceeds it, Denzel (literally) swoops in and cuts him off with a surprising string of combative bars that feel reminiscent of one of his most formative songs, 2016’s “ULT.”

The music video feels keenly aware of the spar of talent and ego going on within the song, as the myriad of visual metaphors for fame and fortune become symbols, and ones that Curry takes from White: the red carpet, the cameras, the spotlight, and most importantly, the GOAT award.

This is all a literal translation by the way, which is part of what makes the video so snidely likable; these two rappers who are at the top of their respective games are clearly having funs behind the camera and the microphone. But seeing artists be able to let their egos be a narrative variable for any form of art should be celebrated, as Armani White and Denzel Curry do it with ease on “GOATED.”

Listen to “GOATED” featuring Denzel Curry below!