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Philly newcomer Armani White drops off cold visual for viral track ‘BILLIE ELLISH.’

Making visual references to Billie’s style, Armani White is heating up the charts with this one

Philadelphia’s own Armani White caught the rap game off guard with his new hit song “BILLIE ELLISH.”, as it seemed to be an overnight success.

Regardless of its rapid rise, this is a hit. Point blank.

Rapping over N.O.R.E.‘s The Neptunes-produced classic “Nothin,” Armani takes the 2000’s hit and melds into a modern banger — making references to Billie Ellish‘s iconic big t-shirt swagger that she’s been known to rock for years now. Doing it justice, Armani White even got official clearance from Pharrell himself to sample this classic record.

Aside from the chorus mentioning Billie’s name, the first verse also makes reference to her as well when White raps: “Put it in perspective / Bitch, I got Everything I Wanted and some extra.” In reference to Billie’s song “Everything I Wanted,” White turns up the heat as the track progresses — creating a spotlight moment for the rising Philly rapper.

The track’s visual is where the Billie Ellish inspiration really shines through, as Armani recreated many iconic shots and scenes from her music videos over the years. Sporting a yellow get-up, he bursts through yellow paper and hands his Glock off to a man dressed in all black, just like Billie did in her “Bad Guy” video when she does the same, except handing off her Invisalign retainers. Armani also recreated Billie’s 2019 WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? album cover of her sitting on the bed with all-white eyes.

It’s clear that Armani White has been very inspired by Billie’s vision and the creativity that she’s championed over the years — using that to pay homage to her greatness. Although he hasn’t dropped a proper project since 2019, its apparent that Armani is heating up at just the right time.

For now, tap in to Armani White’s “BILLIE ELLISH” video below!