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Autumn! drops new 6-song EP ‘Not Much Longer’

Louisiana rapper releases his second project of the summer.

It seems that underground star Autumn! has figured out how to win this summer — delivering his second project in three months in Not Much Longer.

This six-track EP comes after Autumn! released his June 12 album, Golden Child, Chapter 1, where he delved into heartfelt topics of love for his support system around him and how grateful he was for his family, while still continuing to make his name known among other rising new wave rappers.

Now with Not Much Longer (released on Aug. 11), Autumn! continues his pattern of brief, mostly under two minute tracks, where he hitches onto a singular rhyme scheme and rides the groovy production until the song’s end.

On the EP’s third track “WANTS!,” Autumn! flows through two renditions of the hook and two verses impressively sticking to the same rhyme scheme, while shouting out fellow rising Portland artist and collaborator YEAT and his hit “Sorry Bout That.”

Gotta stop puttin’ my hoes on YEAT ’cause now they can’t stop sayin’ “Sorry about that”

Three A.M. and she’s still up textin’ me, she eat me up like it’s Beni-bachi

Broke her heart and she still keep textin’ me, like what do you really get out it?

“Wants!” — Autumn!

The project’s longest track “FTS!” is a banger that sees Autumn! demonstrate how he lives his life with no regrets, deviating from the particular rhyme scheme of the track for a moment to shoutout producer Wheezy.

Not Much Longer, while short, leaves an impact as Autumn! shows his ability to stay interesting and make intriguing, concise music while honing in on one rhyme for most of the track. He stopped by Our Generation for an exclusive interview in late July, where he discussed his inspirations and upbringing with our host Hakeem Rowe.

Check out Autumn!’s latest EP Not Much Longer, as his star continues to rise.