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Autumn! is “Jumpin!” on his latest single

Louisiana’s new wave juggernaut Autumn! was on a roll to end 2021, as his viral Dec. 3 track “One Way!” gave him his first Spotify Top 10 chart debut, and has now garnered over 10 million streams on Spotify.

Fans couldn’t get enough of his smooth, soothing vocals mixed with a harmonious chords on the instrumental, further proving Autumn!’s relevance among his young peers.

Now, as he looks to continue that momentum into the new year, Autumn! has kept his sound from getting stale by switching it up. On Feb. 25, he released his brand new track “Jumpin!,” which is his second single of 2022 after Feb. 11’s “Bentley Bentayga!

“Jumpin!” deviates from songs like “One Way!,” mostly due to his up-tempo, flow and the beat’s “thumping 808s,” which he notes in the song’s singular verse.

Lasting only one minute and 47 seconds, “Jumpin!” emphasizes the versatility Autumn! brings to the table, with his slick-tongue allowing him to rattle off a long-winded verse that’s sandwiched by the brief hook, as well as the unique ad-libs, hums and vocal inflections that faintly play throughout the track.

It ain’t an Autumn! song unless a hum in it

F**kin’ her good, she told me put my thumb in it

N****s see how I move and they just run with it

I been through bullsh*t all year, that’s what come with it

F**k it, I’m up a quarter havin’ fun and shit

“Jumpin!” — Autumn!

We can only guess which direction the blossoming star will go stylistically with his next release, as Autumn! is looking unstoppable as winter turns to spring.

Check out “Jumpin!” by Autumn! below!