BabySantana lets off bars at supersonic speed in new ‘nyc’ visual

Running through the streets of New York, BabySantana lets off a quick verse accompanied by a trippy visual.

It almost feels like the year 2016 all over again by the sudden urge of young and hungry rappers who are constantly dropping and flooding the streets with constant releases. One of the youngest out right now at 15-years-old, BabySantana is leading that charge and is back with another single and visual for his new single, “NYC.”

The “Antisocial” rapper is no stranger at this point when it comes to dropping tons of heat and not holding back on his music. One of the greatest things about BabySantana, is that while fans are still early waiting for a new album from him, his presence is constantly felt due to the fact that he always makes sure that the world is going to be streaming one of his songs.

If its not a song of his own, it’s a feature, and he’s been doing an amazing job at bridging that gap and feeding the fans while they wait for his next body of work.

Rapping over production by wytestarr and BabySantana himself, BabySantana gets right to the point and does not waste a breath on this one. While a rather short song, he doesn’t let off the gas at all and lets his signature auto-tuned flow take control.

Put him in the sky, ain’t talkin’ no airplane

I’m droppin’ shooters like COD campaign

G, he gon’ pour a bottle of champagne, no, I ain’t talkin’ no papi

Draco on my hip and I’m shootin’ like Scotty

Me and lil’ J Lo ride ’round in that Masi’

Dior on my toes, bogo on my chest when I feel like Dami

Jump out the wall like BO3, he talkin’ down, he gon’ D-I-E (Oof)

BabySantana — “nyc”

Bar after bar, Santana flows effortlessly over this high-tempo and high-energy track letting off tons of video game references such as “My shoota shootin’ like COD [Call of Duty] campaign” and “Jump off the wall like BO3 [Black Ops 3].”

One thing is for sure: BabySantana appears to be having the time of his life in the game so far, and it’s amazing to see his growth and trajectory at such an early point in his career.

Be sure to check out BabySantana’s “NYC” visual below!


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