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BabySantana, yvngxchris let loose with Luisss on “off the leash!”

The last few months have been quite busy for BabySantana.

The 15-year-old rising star has consistently proven he’s one of the most talented young artists in today’s soundscape — consistently releasing singles and collaborating with fellow new wave phenoms. His latest efforts include a high-energy banger with friend and partner in crime Slump6s on “060433” as well as “Patricia” in November 2021. Off the back of these tracks, Tana shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

On Jan. 7, Santana came together with yvngxchris and Luisss to for their new single “off the leash!” The song had other less official versions released previously — however, this version was spearheaded by Republic Records, hitting all digital streaming platforms and received a music video treatment as well.

“off the leash!” is the second time BabySantana has linked up for a song with yvngxchris, as they both featured on void‘s June 2021 creative remix of “Castaways” from the children’s show Backyardigans (which went viral on TikTok around the time). This is also Tana’s second collaboration with relatively lesser known Luisss, as they dropped their joint song “F**kitweball” in July 2021.

“off the leash!” interpolates Chicago rapper-producer ICYTWAT‘s earlier version from February 2021 under the same name. ICYTWAT has helped produced music for Playboi Carti, MadeinTYO and others in A$AP Mob, which makes the song’s production so crisp and hard-hitting.

BabySantana opens the song by reminiscing on the times he’s showed great restraint and took the high road, but emphasized he is still capable of causing destruction if need be.

So many times I could’ve killed yo’ bro

So many times I could have smoked his pack

So many times yo’ girl was rubbin’ my back

So many times I could’ve stole yo’ pack

“off the leash!” — BabySantana and yvngxchris featuring Luisss

yvngxchris lets off a visceral verse where he refers to himself as the younger version of comedian and actor Chris Tucker, also flexing how his shooters resemble BabySantana.

I got off the leash, told that boy to get lost

I got yo’ bitch favorite song on TikTok

I’m in yo’ house posted with a big Glock

I got a shooter, he lookin’ like BabySantana, he kind of little with some dreadlocks

Glock 19 with a beam at ya headtop

Pull out the AK-47, aim it at you, that’s a dead opp

“off the leash!” — BabySantana and yvngxchris featuring Luisss

Luisss finishes off the track with the final verse full of intriguing references such as having a “mill like Meek,” having “the keys, I’m feelin’ like Alicia” and how he “had to get a choppa, NLE.”

The spirit of collaboration among the youngest artists hip-hop has to offer is not only at an all-time high, but is a promising trend for the future of the genre.

Check out BabySantana, yvngxchris and Luisss’ new song “off the leash!” below!