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Yvngxchris taps KA$HDAMI, Ken Car$on, UnoTheAvtivist, SSGKobe for ‘Blood On The Leaves’ remix

The most interesting thing about the new wave is that while each artist brings something totally unique to the table, their bond seems to be universally unbreakable.

Whether it be SSGKobe’s high-pitched ad-libs or Ken Car$on’s playful, trend-setting production, listeners can count on any collaboration from artists like KA$HDAMI, yvngxchris, UnoTheAvticist and others to be sure-fire hits based off their one-of-a-kind chemistry. Putting together a posse cut for the ages, yvngxchris recruits some of the new wave’s most electric voices on the remix to his hit track “Blood On The Leaves.”

Yvngxchris initially spoke on the track with OGM host Hakeem Rowe during his Our Generation exclusive interview — revitalizing the single with a plethora of buzzing talent. As Car$on (Project X), KA$HDAMI (Hypernova) and Uno (Unoverse 3) are all fresh off their latest LPs — with Kobe riding the success of his latest single “Caddy” — it appears to be a perfect time to showcase what the next generation is truly all about.

yvngxchris’ quick-witted bars paces the bunch over the track, as “Blood On The Leaves” has ultimately ascended Chris’ sound to new heights. Posted as an SoundCloud-exclusive track, the Kanye West-sampled cut features the eclectic voices of the new wave’s best and brightest. Chris, Kobe and DAMI all spit in rapid succession over the piano-driven beat while UnoTheActivist (who assumes his place as a SoundCloud era pioneer) and Car$on jump in right after — utilizing their distinct auto-tuned vocals to provide color to an otherwise bar-heavy record. yvngxchris loops back around on the outro of the song, leading out the track with heavy-hitting 808s and drill-infused percussion.

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As a further testament to our generation’s refusal of being boxed in by one genre, “Blood On The Leaves” is a triumphant victory lap for all five lyricists — continuing to assert themselves as curators of the new wave rage.

Listen to the remix of “Blood On The Leaveshere!