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Bktherula drops first offering of 2022 in ‘Keep da K/Coupe’

Atlanta rapper Bktherula is back with a bang in 2022. Following a packed year of features and a full-length project of her own, it seems that BK is prepping for another rollout in the near future.

Dropping a two-pack titled Keep da K/Coupe, the up-and-coming artist brings her signature spacey vocals over ethereal plugg instrumentals.

Keep da K” sees Bktherula spit an off-kilter flow that matches the enigmatic mood of the track’s instrumental, while “Coupe” showcases her singing over a similarly mysterious beat.

“I’m in the coupe sipping Faygo

Wе on the run in the top and you bang low

You don’t fuck with me, why you saying, “Hеy,” though?

Doubted a nigga, now I’m seeing fade slow

I’m— I’m in the coupe sipping Faygo

We on the run in the top and you bang low”

Bktherula — “Coupe”

Bktherula’s 2021 has been nothing short of career-shaping. After dropping her two-pack, Blue / SANTANNY, early last year, the 18-year phenom doubled down on her signature sound with tracks in “Not Wock,” “No Way” and her latest album LOVE BLACK — a versatile project that pushes the boundaries of her arsenal of deliveries and sonic landscape.

While Love Black may be ahead of its time, her versatility as an artist is seemingly destined to shine more than ever before. Rooted in Atlanta, the new wave star’s knack for hypnotic melodies and hard-hitting bars has allowed her to flourish as one of today’s most underrated, young hitmakers. With a lone feature from young gunner Matt Ox, the album was a comprehensive look at BK’s adaptability overall.

Check out ‘Keep da K/Coupe” by Bktherula below!