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Bktherula releases third album ‘LOVE BLACK’

Bktherula’s sound is indescribably unique, as the 18-year-old rapper shares her third studio album LOVE BLACK.

Featuring Matt Ox and an all-star list of producers, BK looks to level up on a grander stage. Off the back of her previous singles and her 2021 two-pack Blue / Santanny, the Atlanta native brings forth 16 fresh tracks to bolster her ascent from the underground. With ethereal, melodic production and cut-throat bars, BK’s status as an Atlanta up-and-comer should soon be met with superstardom.

Listen to Bktherula’s latest album ‘LOVE BLACK’ below!

Bktherula’s ‘LOVE BLACK’ set to drop Oct. 22

Bktherula’s 2021 has been nothing short of career-shaping. After dropping her two-pack, Blue / SANTANNY, earlier this year, the 18-year phenom doubled down on her signature sound with tracks in “Not Wock,” “No Way” and the lead single off her upcoming album “PLACEMENT.”

Taking to Twitter to announce her third project, Love Black, on Monday (Oct. 18), BK showed gratitude toward her family, friends and all involved with the album’s creative process, saying: “we are all so ahead, yet our time is now!”

While Love Black may be ahead of its time, her versatility as an artist is seemingly destined to shine more than ever before. Rooted in Atlanta, the new wave star’s knack for hypnotic melodies and hard-hitting bars has allowed her to flourish as one of today’s most underrated, young hitmakers. Her latest single with Matt Ox is yet another testament to her talent, as BK and Ox roam city streets spitting over “PLACEMENT’s” alien-synth melodies and booming 808s.

Fuck your critic shit (Bit)

Tellin’ me what’s for me, I ain’t ask it (No)

First time down to ten? Nigga, it’s your last, bitch (Last), huh-huh

Get a grasp, bitch, huh (Bit, bit, bit)

Guess I’m blasted (Blatt)

Neck down tatted (Neck down tat), huh

Placement (‘Ment), huh

Placement (‘Ment), huh

Bktherula & Matt Ox — “PLACEMENT”

If “PLACEMENT” points a finger to where BK’s sound is headed, her robust, experimental wave will only keep fans guessing for what Love Black will fully bring forth.

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