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Cochise is moving “Cautious” on new single

Florida-based rapper Cochise is nearing the end of a monumental year. The squeaky-voiced, new wave rising star achieved newfound notoriety in 2021 on the backs of both his May debut album Benbow Crescent and explosive singles such as “Tell Em” with $NOT, which erupted on TikTok.

Cochise is not ready to end his 2021 campaign though, as he blessed us with a new drop this past weekend. Sharing “Cautious” on Dec. 3, the track is yet another exhibition of his unmatched charisma among his peers.

While rap purists traditionally scorn the idea of repetitive flows, Cochise makes them sound irresistible. On “Cautious,” proclamations such as “Where the bass at? Yeah” and “I got shorties, uh, yeah,” among others, make a song with a singular verse sound as dynamic as humanly possible.

The track lasts around two-and-a-half minutes, as Cochise introduces more new vocal inflections than he possibly ever has before, and throws a playful jab at Drake to demonstrate how he isn’t a certified lover boy.

I’ve been drippin’, drippin’, I feel like a lake (Uh, uh)

You been trippin’, trippin’, but you out of shapе (Uh, uh)

Shawty thinkin’ I’m in love, but I ain’t Drake

Wait, boy, you need some help, yeah

Stop me, nobody can stop me (Huh)

“Cautious” — Cochise

The visuals for “Cautious” show Cochise in different precarious positions, either in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks, or stuck in a treacherous basement. Cochise’s videos are always as creative and vibrant as him, and this time around is not much different.

Cochise is one of the most exciting young talents this year has introduced to us, as his future is looking exceptionally bright.

Check out his new song “Cautious” below!