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Cordae kicks the door down with ‘Super’

The world has been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for Cordae‘s next move.

The Maryland native and budding hip-hop superstar has been gearing up for his career-elevating sophomore album From a Birds Eye View. Since 2019, he has continued to draw attention with each move he makes, including his April EP and explosive freestyle earlier this week.

Before dropping his new track, Cordae decided to make his fans earn it by requesting 50,000 comments on an Instagram post with the song’s preview.

His fans soon eclipsed that mark, and Cordae released “Super” at Noon ET on Thursday (Oct. 7), along with its music video.

Produced by Kid Culture (who has had a hand in much of Cordae’s prior music) and Jenius (who has placements with Travis Scott, Kid Cudi and Jack Harlow), “Super” includes a thumping 808 progression and smooth background vocal loop.

Cordae rides this production as well as any of the young lyricists in the game could. The chorus he recites throughout the track is an impressively boisterous brag about celebrity co-signs and his profitable lifestyle.

Last year, I made seven million, didn’t have to do a single fuckin’ show

Shout out to my n****s up at Coca-Cola for the check they cut me at the Super Bowl

All my life moments is a super roll, my n**** Dr. Dre, he got a super boat

Last night, I was textin’ Jack Dorsey, that’s the perks you get from being super dope

“Super” — Cordae

The two verses that fall between the renditions of the hook are potent and unforgiving, such as the start of the second verse where he addresses his 2020 exit from his previous rap collective YBN in pursuit of his own record label Hi Level.

I be feeling like it’s me against the world, but I could give a fuck who my opponent is (Nah)

N****s askin’ why I dropped the YBN, I had no other choices, we ain’t own this shit (Real)

You know that junkie shit, I’m not condoning it (Nah)

I’m with a couple n****s, I got a bone to pick (Real)

“Super” — Cordae

The song’s accompanying visuals show Cordae’s confidence and extravagance, as him and his crew sport gear promoting his 100% self-owned record label.

Ultimately, “Super” is a stellar moment for Cordae — only building up more anticipation for his upcoming album, which he previewed for a select group of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) last month.

While we wait for the continued rollout of ‘From a Birds Eye View,’ check out Cordae’s fresh single “Super” below!