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Cordae tells the story of a ‘Multi-Platinum’ artist on new YouTube-exclusive single

Evident on his two lyrically potent studio albums The Lost Boy and From A Bird’s Eye View, Cordae‘s storytelling has reached an incredibly impressive level for him only being 24 years old.

Only half a year removed from January’s FABEV, Cordae has decided to put this anecdotal excellence back on display once again. Basically out of nowhere on Tuesday (July 26), Cordae released his brand new YouTube exclusive single “Multi-Platinum” at around 3:45 pm PT, just hours after announcing the song.

“Multi-Platinum” tells the fictitious story — or “parable” as Cordae refers to it as — of a young burgeoning rapper from West Virginia. With an abusive father and bi-polar, alcoholic mother, this rapper’s childhood trauma lingers over his young, successful career, as his success never brings him satisfaction.

Lack of self-esteem, lack of identity, was his name

Unlimited potential that was wasted, it’s such a shame

Another statistic, it’s so horrific, this fucking gamе

Left this music shit with only crumbs, there was nothing gainеd

Seems to be a regular occurrence, there’s something strange, I’ll explain

He’s from a small city in West Virginia, Morgantown, if I remember correctly

Childhood trauma, resentment was heavy, towards his momma

His lifestyle a true mellow drama, a real tragedy

“Multi-Platinum” — Cordae

Not only does this track tell a tragic lesson about the repeatedly horrible outcomes of rappers who come from adverse conditions, but how the music industry perpetuates this cycle. Over the minimalistic, trumpet-led beat proceeded by Kid Culture — responsible for other Cordae hits like “Have Mercy” and “Bad Idea” with Chance the Rapper — Cordae’s singular verse ends with the all-too-familiar self-imposed demise of the rapper.

In the description of the YouTube video, the cryptic “……to be continued” alludes to more music being on the way from Cordae. However, it is unknown whether that is in reference to his next 2022 project that he has on the way or if he has another narrative escapade coming soon.

As we await Cordae’s next move, check out “Multi-Platinum” below!