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d4vd pulls thorns from new EP ‘The Lost Petals’

Surviving wounds from Petals To Thorns, d4vd’s picking up The Lost Petals one-by-one.

His forthcoming EP, a continuation from his poetic debut project in May, arrived on Friday (Sept. 8) and was led in by its lead single “Notes From A Wrist” (Aug. 18). Featuring five tracks, the singer’s long-lost anthem “Poetic Vulgarity” has become an early favorite off the project, bringinh fourth “Hollow Prayers,” “Once More” and the anime-rock anthem “Rehab” — complete with an anime-style visual to further feed into its vibe.

News of the EP surfaced after d4vd previewed the track during a show in Sydney, Australia. The enigmatic Houston singer was joined by The Kid LAROI on stage, to which the pair unveiled their unreleased collaboration “Crossed The Line.”Sending shockwaves through the crowd — and online — d4vd’s new pack couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

As Summer turns to Fall, leaves and petals begin to wither away — ushering in a new season of his sound. d4vd’s star continues to soar off the back of his debut headlining tour, earning a slot in Tyler, The Creator’s prolific Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in November and touring alongside SZA as her opener this Fall.

“Notes From A Wrist” is another brooding display of d4vd’s haunting vibrato reaching sonic nirvana. “I could take it back, but it’s all my fault / And all I know is Im’a make it worse,” he ghostly croons over the piano-led, slow-moving cinematic cut, as the visual represents how d4vd “use your picture like a band-aid” torn away from his lost lover.

It’s barely been a year since the 18-year-old star broke through with his dreamy, alt-pop anthem “Romantic Homicide” — the true catalyst to his ascension as an artist. Yet, David Anthony Burke (or d4vd) thinks well beyond the music, looking forward while holding a bouquet of white roses. “You look at a rose at face value. It’s really beautiful,” he told us in his OGM exclusive interview. “But then, you go to pick it up and it stabs you. This is the foundation of my art.”

Petals To Thorns wholeheartedly impressed with tracks like “The Bridge,” “Backstreet Girl” and “This Is How It Feels,” among others — each of which blending d4vd’s affinity for grunge rock, alt-pop and a soul-esque sound to which he says is “forgotten.” Continuing to expand the “d4vdverse,” “The Lost Petals” is still just the cusp of what d4vd can — and will — achieve.

Listen to ‘The Lost Petals’ below!

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