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Tyler, The Creator’s ‘The Estate Sale’ brings more ‘CMIYGL’ cuts to life

Everything must go at Tyler, The Creator’s “Estate Sale.”

While most rappers would’ve moved on to their next big idea, the revered artist decided to relish in his golden era, sharing the vaulted deluxe to his GRAMMY-winning Call Me If You Get Lost.

The original record — which dropped in June 2021 and featured Lil Wayne, Brent Faiyaz, Lil Uzi Vert and more — is one of Tyler’s most beloved and polished LPs to date. Unveiling “a collection of songs that didn’t make the original album,” Tyler gifted fans with eight previously unreleased tracks on Friday (March 31). “Some of those songs I really love, and knew they would never see the light of day,” he wrote on Twitter. “So I’ve decided to put a few of them out.” The record sold 70,000 first-week units, per Hits Daily Double.

Alongside his co-pilot DJ Drama, Baudelaire is back in action. “DOGTOOTH” (March 27) and “SORRY NOT SORRY” (March 29) led in the full album earlier this week, as CMIYGL: The Estate Sale features A$AP Rocky (“WHARF TALK”), YG (“BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND)” and Vince Staples (“STUNTMAN”). Other new cuts in “WHAT A DAY” (produced by Madlib) and “HEAVEN TO ME” — which touts production credits from Kanye West — not only impress, but cement Tyler’s status as rap’s current GOAT.

Among the new offerings, “WHARF TALK” with Rocky has been in the vault for over three years. On the track, Tyler’s daydreaming on a first date, imagining everything he and his love interest would do together — yet she’s not in the picture. Whether it be holding hands in the car by himself or pedaling down an open pasture with a suitcase tied to his bike, “WHARF TALK” is not only Tyler’s “favorite,” but sees the longtime friends reconnect for a nostalgic, groovy love song.

“I want you to come get lost with me,” Tyler sings in his now-signature pitched vocals, as light-hearted guitars, warm synths and twinkling bells contrast with Flacko’s seductive verse. Revealing that Rocky was supposed to be on CMIYGL’s “CORSO,” “WHARF TALK” makes up for that miss ten-fold.

The GOLF le FLEUR mogul’s CMIYGL extension came off the back of its first track “DOGTOOTH.” An instant classic filled with stunning cinematography (directed by Tyler himself), releasing “Estate Sale” nearly two years after CMIYGL kept the thrill ride going for T. “Sometimes you just wanna restart. Looking for ways to get rid of some things,” he says in the narrative-driven visual. “Thrilling or simple. Everything must go. Whether it takes all day or all night.”

Tyler’s head-turning bars bleed into the instantly quotable “she can ride my face, I don’t want nothing in return.” He oozes personality on gung-ho raps like: “And will I ever fall in love again? I can’t confirm / I’m tryna buy my neighbor house and turn it to a yard / If you don’t know my daughter name, then we ain’t really dogs.” These choice bars had fans thinking Tyler was hiding a child — a la Drake v. Pusha T — however, he dispelled any sort of rumor before it could spread. Tyler’s in a league of his own, and on “DOGTOOTH,” it’s more than apparent.

For people that say Tyler changed, one thing hasn’t: His creativity. On the career-defining “SORRY NOT SORRY,” Tyler’s ability to craft timeless music — in whatever era he’s in — is undoubted. Perhaps the most captivating video in his entire catalog, “SORRY NOT SORRY” sees Tyler apologizing to each of his alter-egos, all dressed in the album attire corresponding to the era. There’s Flower Boy Tyler apologizing to “the guys I had to hide,” while GOBLIN Tyler raps irrevocably menacing bars that mimics his debut tone.

It peers into the past and present of what Tyler was and what he’s become, not only sorry for the things he’s done, but unapologetic for what he’s accomplished. Everything happens for a reason, as Tyler’s true self — or shirtless Tyler — sees him speak on what he really feels. Inner voices cloud his thoughts, yet “SORRY NOT SORRY” sees Tyler break through in his biggest way yet. Masterpiece isn’t enough to describe the weight of the track’s artistic importance. It’s evolution in real time. How did THIS not make the original album?

Coinciding the release of CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale, Tyler also appears on the intro track of DJ Drama’s new album IM REALLY LIKE THAT as well as in the premiere of RapCaviar’s Hulu docu-series Rap Caviar Presents. Alongside Pharrell, who he considers his idol, T and P’s documentary appearance was foreshadowed by their collab “CASH IN CASH OUT” in June 2022.

Sir Baudelaire’s return to the mic hasn’t been without wins in his off time. The CMIYGL tour earned Tyler the highest-earning tour of the post-pandemic era, per Billboard. It was the biggest tour since J. Cole’s “The Off-Season” in 2020.

Additionally, CMIYGL re-peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last April after breaking the highest-grossing vinyl sales week in Nielsen history — selling a staggering 59,000 pure album units. That number only increased throughout the year, becoming the highest-selling vinyl record of 2022. It initially sold 169,000 first-week units and debuted at No. 1, eventually nabbing Rap Album Of The Year at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards in April 2022.

If “SORRY NOT SORRY” was any inclination, heed Drama’s words: “Another era is upon us.” Whenever we get to see it, though, remains uncertain. For now, revel in Sir Baudelaire’s fond farewell on Estate Sale.

Listen to ‘CMIYGL: The Estate Sale’ here!

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