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A$AP Rocky continues ‘Don’t Be Dumb’ rollout with ‘Same Problems?’

A$AP Rocky’s follow-up to 2018’s Testing is finally in sight, as the AWGE rapper revealed that he has “some heavy hitters” on his forthcoming project.

A month removed from his Amazon Music Live performance (Dec. 8), Rocky officially released “Same Problems?” on Wednesday (Jan. 18) which surprisingly touts writing credits from Miguel, Tyler The Creator (Tyler Okonma) and Lil Yachty (Miles McCollum).

The A$AP frontman confirmed that all three — as well as Thundercat — are slated as features for Don’t Be Dumb in a recent Apple Music 1 interview with Zane Lowe. “We got some help from a lot of friends there. We got Miguel, we got Tyler, The Creator, we got Lil Yachty here, we got Thundercat,” he said. “Those are some heavy hitters.”

Connecting the track to 2012’s “Fuckin Problems,” Rocky explained that “Same Problems?” was written from the perspective of “remorse. “I just wanted to touch on something a bit different opposed to just being braggadocious, flamboyant, and just regular rap content for me… I just kind of wanted to express myself and tell how I felt without preaching,” he continued. And I think we can all relate. We all got the same problems.”

Rocky’s been teasing music off the record for the better part of two years — first unveiling tracks like “Roddy Rowdy Piper” and “Mushroom Clouds” during his Summer Smash set in 2020. Unveiling “Same Problems?” during his Amazon Music Live set, he dedicated the track to “everybody we lost in hip-hop throughout the years.”

“You gotta know that we the highest statistic of losing people,” Rocky announced mid-performance. “No other genre loses rockstars, pop singers, and country artists. Hip-hoppers, we get killed and shot every day. Overdoses, all types of unfortunate events. So this song is dedicated to everybody we lost and anybody who ever lost somebody.”

This all came days after Rocky dropped Don’t Be Dumbs leading single “Shittin Me.” Paired with a quick-cut music video — which played into his viral meme at Rolling Loud NYC — “Shittin Me” was the perfect lead-in for Don’t Be Dumb’s rollout.

On top of appearing on Metro Boomin’s instantly beloved HEROES & VILLAINS, the NYC emcee divulged that his next album has tons of Metro’s maestro influence. “This next album just needs to be called Flacko Boomin, you hear me?”, he told GQ Magazine at Miami’s Art Basel — garnering greater hype altogether.

While there’s no word on cover art, tracklist or a release date, Rocky said fans won’t have to wait “too long” for Don’t Be Dumb to hit DSPs. “It’s finished and we just putting the finishing touches on it. It’s coming for sure.”

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Listen to “Same Problems?” below!

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