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DC The Don is unapologetic on latest single ‘HATE IT OR LOVE IT’

Nobody is having a busier/more productive 2022 than DC The Don. It continues to seem like every week he is either dropping a new music video for his My Own Worst Enemy album, a new SoundCloud exclusive track or just new music in general.

In the midst of a constant rollout mode for his upcoming MOW3 deluxe and next LP Stop Being So Nice, Donny returned to DSPs for the first time since MOW3 dropped. On Friday (Aug. 5), just days after his birthday, the genre-bending Milwaukee artist released his brand new single “HATE IT OR LOVE IT.

Produced by LouieOnTheKeys, who has been an essential in-house producer for Donny on his last couple projects, “HATE IT OR LOVE IT” sees DC maintain his remorseless mindset. In between his two renditions of the hook about his casual visits to the jeweler, his extensive, singular verse sees him bounce off the walls with energy and angst.

Ayy, DC go crazy, Lil’ Don get it jumpin’

Aiming straight right for your head, he a pumpkin

808’s bumpin’, this b*tch keep on suckin’

B*tch run my money, all hundreds, keep thumbin’

She be like, “Boy, you so silly, I love it”

I just walked out of your club, I was stumblin’

I’m sippin’ sizzurp, lil’ b*tch, Uncle Ruckus

KC might pop out, he might slide with a musket


With the visuals for the song opening with the text “SBSN,” this track could presumably be a promotional single for Donny’s upcoming project. Perfectly depicting the song’s attitude, Donny stays on his own wavelength while disturbing a peaceful neighborhood in the music video.

DC is on a run like no other as we approach autumn, rattling off victories in the form of new music and visuals constantly. And, as hard as it is to fathom, he’s just getting started.

Heading towards a colossal end to the year, check out DC The Don’s fresh single “HATE IT OR LOVE IT” below!