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DC The Don turns up ahead of new album on ‘Rerout3’

Fans of DC The Don have been anticipating the release of his upcoming album My Own Worst 3nemy for over a month, as he continues to drop singles and relentlessly promote the project on Twitter.

On Oct. 8, Donny likely added another single to the album’s tracklist by releasing “Rerout3,” produced by jetsonmade of DaBaby and Jack Harlow’s fame.

Jetsonmade steps out of his comfort zone with “Rerout3,” crafting a synth-heavy trap banger similar to production on recent Playboi Carti and Trippie Redd albums, as opposed to his trademark rattling, playful beats.

DC The Don’s moody, melodic voice suits the song well, as he sings about his intimidating presence to his enemies on the hook.

Why the fuck he keep runnin’ his mouth? (Yeah)

I’m with the scouts and my young n****s hungry, they tryna see what you about, yeah

Feel like Tony Montana, I pull up with hammers, they gotta skrt off and reroute, yeah

I’ma make sure they see me now, yeah

‘Cause I know they tryna take me out, yeah, go (Go)

“Rerout3” — DC The Don, jetsonmade

On the two verses for “Rerout3,” Donny elaborates on his drug use, lavish cars, designer wardrobe and promiscuous lifestyle, while throwing it back to his basketball roots briefly with a shoutout to NBA star LeBron James and his son.

Let me shout out my son, he the one I’m co-signing

You the son of a GOAT, I should call yo’ ass Bronny

“Rerout3” — DC The Don, jetsonmade

The visuals for “Rerout3” include trippy effects and reinforce DC The Don’s energetic and refreshing presence in the rap game.

DC The Don brings high energy on new single ‘What Now?’

Looking ahead, DC’s new album MOW3 already has solid promotional singles such as this one and September’s “What Now?” The album is executively produced by Supah Mario, who built his career producing hits for Lil Uzi Vert, Drake and Young Thug.

Donny also says this project will be better than his only other album Come As You Are from 2020.

As we await the continued rollout and eventual release of ‘MOW3,’ stream DC The Don’s latest single “Rerout3” below!