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Gunna, Future make it look ‘Too Easy’ on new single

As Young Stoner Life royalty, Gunna has the label’s best at his disposal, and that includes their famed producer Wheezy. The duo has created some of our favorite hits in the last half decade, including “Turks” with NAV and Travis Scott and “3 Headed Snake” with Young Thug. Now, Wunna and Wheezy are back again, this time with fellow trap star Future, for their new single “Too Easy” released on Sept. 24.

“Too Easy” opens with Gunna flowing over the looped strings on the Wheezy produced beat. Sandwiching his hook about how simple it is for him and Wheezy to make a hit, Gunna’s verse lets you know he has always been about the street life, sleeping with a gun and selling drugs as a youth.

Stayed in the hood where the killers at, made my pillow a chopper

This ain’t diamonds you lookin’ at and we done updated the roster

You can tell it’s a rich nigga posture

Young GunWunna, I’m spittin’ it proper

Trappin’ at school, I was servin’ bags, police was searchin’ my locker

Who did your jewelry? It look like brass, one of your bros should’ve stopped ya

“Too Easy” — Gunna, Future

Future, or Pluto as he refers to himself in his opening bar, flexes on the song’s second verse with allusions to his flings and luxury vehicles. He rides the beat equally as effortless as Gunna, truly exemplifying the song’s title.

Pluto, Pluto, two-door, four-door, man, this shit too easy (Yeah)

Yeah, I’m gon’ chop a brick like judo, snatch a Lamborghini (Chop it up)

I got a different bitch for different places, different seasons (I do)

Bitch ain’t playin’ her position, cuttin’ her off, this shit too easy (Super)

“Too Easy” — Gunna, Future

Gunna fans have been looking forward to his upcoming project Drip Season 4 ever since he executed his WUNNA album and subsequent deluxe in 2020. Having dropped his presumed first single from the record last month with “9 TIMES OUTTA 10,” we could now be even closer to Drip Season 4 with “Too Easy”‘s release.

In the meantime though, stream Gunna’s new single with Future below!