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iann dior drops new single and music video ‘Live Fast Die Numb’

South Texas native iann dior kicked off 2022 with his second studio album On To Better Things — which saw him fully commit to the pop-punk influenced sound he dabbled with in years prior.

The execution of OTBT’s lengthy rollout and release essentially saw dior close the door on his emo-rap, melodic trap era that got him his start in the industry.

Now, iann has wasted no time continuing in this direction. Less than half a year after putting out his monumental sophomore LP, he is back with a new single “Live Fast Die Numb” (June 8) — a groovy cut that contains bleak lyricism about a relationship that brings the worst out of him.

When listening to “Live Fast Die Numb,” the classic lyrics vs. beat meme of the black, ominous house next to the enchanting pink and purple house certainly comes to mind. Over the enjoyable pop drums, iann spills his heart out about a toxic significant other, and how they brought him to the worst points in his life — evident on the “Rope around my neck, finna jump, ain’t stressin’ no more” bar in the first verse and “live fast die numb” hook.

I hate to love you now

I hate the feeling that I get when you come around

It’s funny that you really thought that you could hold me down

You say you love me then you turn my world upside down

“Live Fast Die Numb” — iann dior

In the visuals for the song, a younger version of iann chases his dream of being a reckless, thrill-seeking star, but his current self is now able to realize that this harmful lifestyle was not always for the best. It’s currently unknown whether or not this release will land on a future project from dior, but his commitment to this sound has once again garnered excellent results.

Check out iann dior’s new single “Live Fast Die Numb” below!