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Jack Harlow details his boss moves on new single “Nail Tech”

In every sense of the word, Jack Harlow is one of the most eye-catching rappers the game has to offer at the moment. Although he is over a year removed from his blockbuster debut album, his potent feature verse on “Industry Baby” and one-of-a-kind charm continues to mesmerize his listeners and keep him as a pop culture king.

Now, after a pivotal therapy session, Jack has come to terms with what he must do next in is career, and the answer is simple. Drop music, which is exactly what he just did. Jack Harlow released “Nail Tech,” the supposed lead single for his follow-up sophomore project that is yet to be named.

Harlow’s fondness of brass instrument-infused production, mixed with his slick braggadocio make “Nail Tech” another of of his highest moments of his career, as he continues to raise the bar for himself. Throughout the song’s two electric verses, Jack describes his lucrative lifestyle, the pressure he overcomes regularly and the type of women that he gives the time of day.

It’s hard for me to get excited, I love music and stress ’bout it

My city hall and I’m cosigning this wave, comin’ up next out it

Ridin’ ’round and shotgun in her Tesla

Hangin’ both of my legs out of it, like “What’s up?” (What’s up?)

I got stakes and they too high now, I can’t fuck up

I like girls that’s down to Earth, so don’t be stuck up

“Nail Tech” — Jack Harlow

With his stunning “bow, bow” hook that mimics gunshots and infectious hubris, Jack backs up his claim from earlier this week that nobody in this generation can hold a candle to his flame.

In the creative visuals for “Nail Tech,” which include 1/2 of the City Girls in Yung Miami, Harlow flaunts his mogul lifestyle and overall desirability to women, walking around like a head honcho similar to Steve Jobs.

While talk can sometimes just be talk, Harlow backs up his mouth with a new shoe deal from New Balance inked in February, and a Venmo paid promotion in the song’s music video as well.

Ultimately, Jack brings an unmatched energy of confidence and effortlessness that hip-hop has always hung its hat on. “Nail Tech” is just further proof of that.

Check out Jack Harlow’s stellar new single below!