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Jasiah thrashes with poise on third studio album ‘3’

Photos courtesy of John Cotter

It’s been two years since Jasiah has dropped a full-length project, which can feel like a decade in certain music circles. The rage-rock aesthetic he fully embraces has gone mainstream, yet the rapper is not one to be fastened into trends and fads anyway.

The underground’s resident rockstar finally returned with his third studio album, aptly titled 3, on Friday (March 24), proving that he hasn’t gone anywhere regardless of his time away. With a collection of recent singles and genre-shredding vibes, 3 is as much a reminder of his fiery passion and execution as it is a musical propeller — thrusting him further forward as a rage-rap leader.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen singles like “ART OF WAR” featuring Denzel Curry and Rico Nasty, “RIGHT NOW” featuring Travis Barker, and “GHOSTKILLA” with 1nonly continue to decorate Jasiah’s discography. Further capitalizing on the younger generation’s keenness for a rapping rockstar (or rockstar who happens to rap) who really understands not only what make each individual genre click, but what it means to be genuine within that treacherous crossroad.

Jasiah splits that fine line with intent, especially on the aforementioned tracks. 3 is that idea personified; there is a lot here, but nothing feels superfluous or far-reaching. Everything is in service of Jasiah’s musical ambitions, and the prowess that carries him along is clear.

Being able to start with something as tonally aggressive as “ART OF WAR” and “KILLERS AND ROBBERS” and then gracefully move toward the back end of the album with introspective, more pop-adjacent tracks like “SHROOMS” and “RAGDOLL” is a testament to Jasiah’s talent and ability to balance so many ideas. “IMAGINATION STATION” is a full-fledged pop-punk track — a great one at that — and just adds to the variety on display here.

What really ties it all together though is the performative aspect, something that Jasiah does not take lightly. Belligerent energy may seem to be cranked to the max on his songs and albums, but it’s pushed to 11 at his live shows. Recently, OGM got to bare witness to one of Jasiah’s legendary sets at Rolling Loud California this past month — and it was in fact electric.

To jump start the album’s release, BoxBoys hosted a release party for the album, where OGM’s Emwell was present to capture the insanity that could only be matched by the immense energy brewing throughout 3. Oh, and a few special guests decided to show up as well. Whatever Jasiah has planned next, we’ll be there.

Check out photos of JASIAH below!

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