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JELEEL! goes WWE with new single ‘STONE COLD!’

It’s hard to find more kinetic energy in an artist than you can find in JELEEL!. As if he hasn’t been shaking up the underground scene as it is, LA’s back-flipping rap enigma emulates a WWE superstar on his new single “STONE COLD!” (Aug. 26).

Inspired by the legendary “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, it feels like this is the track that JELEEL! was born to make. After his groundbreaking Rolling Loud Miami 2022 set, it’s easy to see — and hear — why the rapper takes so much inspiration from legendary professional wrestler.

“For me, this is literally if ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin was a song and what I’d imagine the JELEEL! version of his walkout song would be. I always loved WWE as a kid and it has been a huge influence both on my music, how I perform and who I am. This song incapsulates the energy that JELEEL! has and the nostalgia of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. Special shout Jeff Hardy too.”


In what’s been quite the summer for JELEEL!, “STONE COLD!” is maybe the most aggressive song he’s released to date. You get about two seconds to get strapped in, as a tire screech and the emblematic “JELEEL!, yeah” ring out before diving right into the chorus. Ricocheting hi-hats, snares and drums lift JELEEL! up into the stratosphere, yet he never seems to return to the ground. The song feels like if a car crash was somehow fit into an amusement park ride; it’s organized chaos at the highest of degrees.

Do you even lift enough? No sir!

Are you even fit enough? Oh, no sir!

Stone cold, rip ’em up, might flip ’em off

Name another radder than me, no sir!


JELEEL!’s music has always had the potential of going viral, with his last two songs “UNCIVILIZED (GO!)” and CLUBHOUSE! finding their own fiery lanes of success on TikTok. More than that though, each successive track shows JELEEL!’s artistic progression as someone who just can’t be boxed in — as if he’d fit into a box anyway.

Check out STONE COLD! below!