Joony asserts his star power ‘Anytime,’ anywhere

Maryland-based wordsmith Joony is more than just a rapper — he’s a testament to taking risks.

With seamlessly innovative flows, contemplative wordplay and melodically-blended bars, the rising pluggnb lyricist continues to ascend as one of the new wave’s most underrated talents, showing his one-of-a-kind ability once more on his latest single “Anytime” — the first track off his upcoming, unnamed LP.

Connecting with renowned video director Lonewolf for its visual, “Anytime” seems to catch Joony in a fever dream. Leaning into his love interest’s frame of mind, he glides over the track’s woozy plucked guitar and fleeting keyboard progressions with sultry verses — melting in the instrumental like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Joony saunters through the record with a laid-back potency that seems effortless from the jump, as he croons about being available “anytime” for those who need him.

With endless summertime vibes and hypnotic drum-and-bass percussion, Joony speaks on being a shoulder to cry on — denouncing those who did his love interest wrong before him, saying they’ve “been fouling” while he’s “been balling.”

It′s anytime, I don’t mind

Come and lie with me, cry with me, die what you wanna do

It′s anytime, It′s anytime

What′s on ya mind

Shit what’s on ya mind yea

They know I′m styling

Don’t got a stylist

I just been balling

They just been fouling

Joony — “Anytime”

On first listen, the 21-year-old genre-bender is a beacon for entrancing melodies that seemingly seep into the soul. On the come-up as a versatile voice in the new wave — sitting at just over 44,000 Spotify monthly listeners — Joony triumphantly turned heads with his inimitable mixtape Silent Battles last summer (2021).

Prior to its subsequent B-Side in Silent Battles Deluxe, he was featured on Brent Faiyaz’s unexpected DropBox release “Paper Soldier” — introducing Joony to a slew of die-hard Faiyaz fans and music lovers alike. Enlisting the help of up-and-coming stars like Ty Fontaine on “Outta Town” and remixing “Milan” on KANKANs RR, Joony’s Silent Battles was truly a moment for the PG County native — becoming synonymous for melding his off-kilter, R&B-centric voice to the confines of pluggnb.

His most recent EP, Proud Of U, is where he truly shined as a defiant artist that carries an indistinguishable energy — able to speak on the complexity of relationships with an unembellished look into his own vices.

Make no mistake, Joony is well on his way to become the star he’s meant to be. But for now, he’s still the unsung hero the new wave needs to push its sound forward.

Check out “Anytime” by Joony below!

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