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KanKan, DotCom Nirvan pop off on new visual ‘AMG C63’

KanKan and DotCom Nirvan have been a dynamic duo throughout 2021.

While the up-and-coming rapper continues to bolster his status with a slew of hits this year, KanKan’s talent is apparent on his latest effort “AMG C63”— proving yet again he is one of the most promising young stars in the underground.

Meanwhile, DotCom Nirvan has worked with just about every artist embedded in the new wave — making him a major asset for those who are looking to level up their visuals. Nirvan and KanKan also collaborated on his single “Kickback” a few weeks ago, which has already amassed over 100,000 views on YouTube.

AMG C63” is yet another impressive video from Nirvan, filled with trippy, psychedelic visuals and displays KanKan posing in front of a screen traveling on a motorbike through a time warp tunnel. The video is packed with loud animations and vibrant colors — showcasing Nirvan’s signature style and artistic eye all in one.

What makes KanKan so special is his willingness to test boundaries and experiment with his own sound. “AMG C63” is filled with melodically, wavey synths and hard-hitting 808s — turning in an overall smooth and momentous track. KanKan naturally flows through this song and sing-raps in heavy autotune — further asserting himself as a serious star in the making.

Since KanKan has continuously treated fans to new singles throughout the year, definitely expect more music and even a full-length project from the Twizzy Rich talent in the near future.

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