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KayCyy brings an otherwordly rage to new single ‘ASTK’

For YZY Sound’s golden child KayCyy, ethereal melodies and cinematic performances seem to flow naturally.

Immersing listeners into a world all his own, his August single “Flew By You” reasserted the 24-year-old artist’s inherent talent — following his appearance on Kanye West’s DONDA.

Teasing his upcoming album Who Is KayCyy? since his guest spot on “Keep My Spirit Alive,” KayCyy is truly one of a kind — poised to become one of those rare generational artists the genre sees every so often.

With a gorgeous singing voice and prudent rapping ability, he’s honed his sound by leaps and bounds after working with Ye, dropping a SoundCloud track “ASTK” Wednesday night.

KayCyy’s ‘Flew By You’ asserts YZY newcomer’s arrival

As a presumed first single off his debut LP with YZY Sound, “ASTK” exists in two parts — dark and light. Introducing the track with arpeggiated synths, ominous violins and autotuned vocal inflections, KayCyy steadily invites listeners to ascend alongside him. Accompanied by spiritually sung harmonies and momentous 808s, the track jolts into a hard-hitting banger, where KayCyy turns up from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds.

Don’t keep it 100, I keep it a stack

We fully ready, no, we never left

The bag callin’, no, we never miss that

I’m never stallin’ n***** know where I’m at

Sticky fingers, I keep rolling up gas

I came from nothing but I always go back

KayCyy — “ASTK!”

The 6-minute behemoth track not only rolls out KayCyy’s skillset and sound for mainstream listeners, but packages him as a Swiss Army knife hip-hop will soon cherish. Now garnering over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, KayCyy’s following continues to grow — as the underground phenom has his sights set on stardom “SOONR” than expected.

Listen to KayCyy’s latest single “ASTK” below!