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Lawsy goes disco with new single ‘Like That’

If you’ve surfed through TikTok at all this past summer, you’re sure to have come across a plethora of videos featuring the song “Hotel” by Lawsy. Sitting at well over 600,000 videos on the platform, the song launched the “27-year-old rapper” into perpetual viral success, which he furthers with his latest track ‘Like That.’

Lawsy balances a fine line between rapping and singing with “Like That,” as he seems to be carving out quite the inventively stylistic lane for himself. He floats above the disco-infused production as his leisurely cadence makes for an equally relaxing, yet uplifting listen.

B*tch I’m the plug, sеllin’ drugs, hit me up ASAP (ASAP)

Hit the strip club, throw a couple racks (Couple racks)

She gon’ throw it back for a lil’ bag (Grown ho’s)

Lawsy – “Like That”

Having cited 2000’s R&B as a major influence, you can just feel the laid back, sensually implicit bars simmer into his artistic persona with each and every song Lawsy releases. “Like That” is no different and keeps that same stimulated energy that came from “Hotel,” while experimenting with just how poppy his tunes can get.

It can be difficult — and presumptuous — to predict the potential virality that a track might have. But given Lawsy’s recent track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear a refrain or two from the “Hotel” singer’s newest track when scrolling through TikTok’s For You page.

Check Out ‘Like That’ Below!