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Leon Thomas links with Benny The Butcher for new ‘X-Rated’ single

Although Leon Thomas is most notable in his post-Nickelodeon era for working behind the scenes with production, he now feels his time to shine as a vocalist has come. Whether it be the multiple Certified Lover Boy credits, producing for his former cast-mate Ariana Grande on her Positions album or landing placements for Post Malone, Leon has been working with greats for years, and he does not plan to stop.

On May 20, Leon released his new single “X-Rated” with Benny The Butcher. This is his first commercial release as an artists Ince his 2018 Genesis project, reviving his R&B magic that fans fell in love with in his role as Andre on Victorious.

Over the snazzy drums and the smooth melody on the instrumental, Leon opens the song with his elegant “if these walls could talk” hook and helps usher in his verse about a scandalous girl that he can’t get enough of.

You be front line, even let my homeboy try

Giving samples, baby, you a handful

Oh, so savage, killing all the average

Oh, man (Uh)

You still fronting like you’re innocent (Uh)

Tell me, do you feel it yet? (Uh)

“X-Rated” — Leon Thomas featuring Benny The Butcher

After another rendition of the chorus, Benny enters the song with a long-winded, descriptive verse about how deceiving, yet irresistible this woman is, and explains to Leon that she may have gotten the best of both of them.

After one date, she give you a taste, look, now you spending it

Get a bag out you, maybe some cash and that’s the end of it

I’m all for it, get that paper, I’m not defending it

I’m not a savior, I’m a gangster and a gentleman

Ayo, Leon, I got a confession

Since we kicking it, she got me too

Zaddy, I need some money

Why I’m sending it?

“X-Rated” — Leon Thomas featuring Benny The Butcher

“X-Rated” is the first lead single for Leon’s upcoming album Electric Dusk, as well as it being his first release under Ty Dolla $ign‘s label EZMNY, which formed recent in collaboration with Motown Records. Being EZMNY’s first signed artist, Ty Dolla spoke highly of Leon’s vocal and producing skills in a recent statement.

“Leon’s talent was just a higher level from every other singer or producer that I was hearing, and the fact that he was doing everything himself from playing bass to working Logic and Pro Tools. From the first song I heard, I knew he was one of them ones,” he said.

Ty Dolla $ign

“X-Rated” shows the songwriting chops that Leon has been honing for the last decade, and the versatility needed to shine at a major level in the R&B category.

Check out “X-Rated” by Leon Thomas and Benny The Butcher below!