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Post Malone feels ‘Cooped Up’ with Roddy Ricch on new single

Twelve Carat Toothache is now just weeks away, as the iced out, pop-rap juggernaut Post Malone looks to takeover the game once more with his next LP closing in.

After releasing the album’s first promotional track “One Right Now” with The Weeknd in November, Posty has returned with another sampling of his upcoming project. His brand new song “Cooped Up” featuring Roddy Ricch, released on May 12, helps give insight to the mindset and musicality that fans will hear on Twelve Carat Toothache.

“Cooped Up” lasts just over three minutes, and sees a dominating performance from Post. Right away, we are introduced to an eerie atmosphere clouding a piano beat, which is a theme Post Malone fans are certainly familiar with. Post’s grand entrance on the track feels as though he is emerging from an underground burrow that he has been buried in for months.

I’m about to pull up, hit switch, pull curtain (Switch, pull curtain)

And I been waitin’ so long, now I gotta resurface (Surface, surface, surface)

And yeah, we boutta toast up, all that bread that we burnin’ (Burnin’, burnin’, burnin’)

‘Cause I been feelin’ cooped up (Yeah)

“Cooped Up” — Post Malone featuring Roddy Ricch

Aided by rhythmic claps and trap drums, the ethereal vibe of the track caters tremendously to Post’s commanding crooning and vivid storytelling on his first verse about getting too drunk off beer and ducking police.

After another rendition of the hook, Roddy Ricch makes his entrance — kick starting his portion with an off-the-wall, repetitive “gotta pull up, pull up, I’ma pull up, I pull up” bar. The remainder of his verse contains his vintage “woah woah” ad-libs and lyricism about getting it “out the pavement” and increasing his “payment” in the process.

Twelve Carat Toothache will feature 14 songs and will include singles in “One Right Now” and “Cooped Up.” Fellow pop-rap superstar Doja Cat has also been rumored to be featured on the album.

The upcoming album looks to be another big moment for Post Malone, as “Cooped Up” serves as a refreshing, cathartic and melodic tidbit sure to give fans matching tootheaches once it releases on June 3.

Check out “Cooped Up” by Post Malone and Roddy Ricch below!