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Doja Cat gambles her bars in ‘Vegas’ ahead of ‘Elvis’ movie soundtrack

Coachella brought forth an onslaught of surprises this year, one of which being a preview of new music from Los Angeles-born rapper-singer Doja Cat.

Taking the Southern California stage by storm to perform some of her most beloved hits, Doja took a break from the sing-a-longs to premiere her bouncy new single “Vegas” a few weeks back.

“Player gettin’ valet’d ’round in that whole whip

Two fingers up, one down, and my toes ten

Flewed out, my boobs out, put a cork in it

Love it when you be cryin’ out when I’m court sitted

I don’t think he gon’ make it, do not make me start ragin’

Bitch, I’m losin’ my patience, this ain’t stayin’ in Vegas

There’s more sides to the story, I’ma tell everybody

Had your ass sittin’ courtside with your arm around me

Had your ass sittin’ first class with your burnt ass out in Abu Dhabi

Doja Cat — “Vegas”

This track also serves as the lead movie soundtrack single for Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming Elvis biopic, even sampling the King of Rock & Roll’s own hit song “Hound Dog.” Doja Cat showcases her quick spitting bars as she tells the tale of former lovers and their inadequacies, proving herself to be a fantastic storyteller.

2022 has been extremely kind to Doja Cat, granting her a Grammy for “Kiss Me More” featuring SZA as well as a feature on a former collaborator’s latest release with Tyga’s “Freaky Deaky.” Her own rock-influenced single “Celebrity Skin” has been receiving plenty of attention, exemplifying Doja’s versatility and unwillingness to be boxed in by genre.

Although “Vegas” will not be appearing on any solo Doja Cat projects, it’s fair to say that she hasn’t slowed down a bit since the success of 2021’s Planet Her — gambling on more success in the future.

Check out ‘Vegas’ by Doja Cat below!