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Doja Cat remakes ICEJJFISH’s ‘What U Wanting’ on SoundCloud

Doja Cat isn’t letting off the gas, dropping a new freebie for her fans on SoundCloud Sunday night (Feb. 20).

No matter what kind of music you’re into, it’s hard to turn away from Doja Cat’s undeniable talent as a multifaceted hitmaker.

The pop superstar has completely taken over airwaves and dominated Billboard charts in the past two years. Whether it’s her smash-hit “Need To Know” off her latest studio album Planet Her, her summer anthem with SZA “Kiss Me More,” her contributions to Lil Nas X‘s “Scoop,” or her feature with Saweetie on “Best Friend,” Doja continues to kill it and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

On Sunday morning, Doja Cat took to Twitter to ask fans if it was “cool” if she could release “What U Wanting” on SoundCloud. As most will never say no to more new music from her, fans were eager to finally be able to stream this snippet that she recently teased on Instagram live. Utilizing the direct-to-consumer approach, the song was released shortly after with a promise from Miss Doja that the song would be released “later on DSPs.”

What’s amazing about this record is that while it’s a remake from ICEJJFISH — the legendary “meme artist” known for his viral hit “On The Floor” — Doja Cat is really showcasing her versatility and refined vocal range on this underground joint. While repetitive, the “Just tell me what you wantin'” is super catchy, and honestly could have been released as a full-fledged single from her if she wanted.

By now, we all know what Doja Cat is capable of as an artist. Effortlessly rapping, signing and touting an undeniable track presence that’s truly one-of-one, while this remix may be funny, it’s actually a certified banger.

The idea that artists are beginning to lean back towards the SoundCloud platform — which includes major-signed artists like Doja — has been amazing to see. What once was used as a platform for up-and-coming artists, SoundCloud has become a revitalized hub for musicians and creators — cutting out the middleman, the hassle of label drama and clearance issues all at once.

While the success of Planet Her is still going strong, who knows if Doja is gearing up for anything new, or if she just wanted to offload a few hits from her hard drive.

Nonetheless, Doja came with it on this one. Check it out below on SoundCloud!