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Lil Baby unloads blazing bars in chilling new single ‘Frozen’

After already letting off a few bangers this year, Lil Baby is back with some more heat.

In a short period of time, Baby has positioned himself as a long-standing household name in music — and is arguably one of the best new artists the game has seen in recent years. After the success of his collaboration album with Lil Durk, The Voice of the Heroes, last June, it’s safe to say that Baby is preparing for complete domination once summer rolls around.

At first glance, “Frozen” sees Lil Baby flexing his chains and other jewelry — hence the iced out cover art for his latest single. However, Baby doesn’t take that approach on this one, as this song is about loyalty, trust and the closed-off attitude that he has learned over the years.

Produced by Ant Chamberlain & STG Beats, Lil Baby sticks to his signature sound and continues to rap over chilling pianos and bone-rattling 808s to shake up the streets. Although the song had previously leaked online, which Lil Baby mentioned on Instagram, he still decided to put it out, reassuring that this song was a guaranteed hit.

Glad that I been through a lot, it made me a monster

I done seen this shit get grimy, I can’t have no conscience

See ’em tryna clone me and all, but it’s only one me

If I came in this world alone, why I get lonely?

Can someone come unthaw my heart? I think it’s frozen

Lil Baby — “Frozen”

While fans thoroughly enjoyed his VOTH with Durkio, it’s been some time since he’s blessed the streets with a solo project — with 2020’s My Turn being his last full-length effort. With that said, Baby’s already announced that he’s “taking over the summer” this year — initially igniting his album rollout with the “Pound Cake” sampled “In A Minute” and “Right On” in April.

Also recently announcing a joint tour with Chris Brown starting in July, it won’t be long before fans see Baby heat up right at the peak of summer.

Stay cool and check out Lil Baby’s new single “Frozen” below!