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Lil Tecca drops single, visual for ‘REPEAT IT’ with Gunna

Tecca’s new track builds more excitement for delayed project.

Each of Lil Tecca‘s singles from the past few months have continued to prove his prowess and relevance among the crop of new age rappers.

That is no different with his most recent track “REPEAT IT,” released on Aug. 6. With the help of Gunna, Tecca picks up the pace with much more of an up-tempo vibe on this track compared to his previous singles.

There must be something in the air, because delaying albums seems to be a wildly popular trend nowadays (we’re looking at you Kanye). Expected to drop on Aug. 6, Lil Tecca’s We Love You Tecca 2 mixtape, a sequel to the first project he ever released in 2019, was delayed on Monday (Aug. 2).

With this disappointing announcement, Tecca explained that he would drop a song off the project in its place in “REPEAT IT.”

Produced by Census and Taz Taylor of Internet Money, the rising collective who is executively producing WLYT2, “REPEAT IT” sees Tecca insert an energetic flow on his first couple verses and hook as if he just chugged an energy drink.

Stayin’ up, I get no rest, rest, rest, rest (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Don’t gotta sleep, yeah

Fuckin’ with bitches, the best, best, best, best

Shawty conceited (Woah)

Fuck with the gang and you dead, dead, dead, dead

You should’ve seen this (Woah, woah)

Put some dollars on your head, head, head, head

Then I repeat it (Repeat it)

“REPEAT IT” — Lil Tecca, Gunna

Gunna’s second verse matches this enthusiasm, with his trademark smooth, effortless flow, but with an added sense of urgency. With bars about he leveled up from sleeping in the trap house to traveling city to city luxuriously, Gunna uses the end of his verse to remind us that he’s still “dripping’ the hardest.”

Prior singles like “MONEY ON ME” and “NEVER LEFT,” presumed to be included on the upcoming tape, while quality and melancholic, were not as animated or enthusiastic as”REPEAT IT.” Lil Tecca has put out a great handful of songs ahead of We Love You Tecca 2, so while we wait for its release, check out its latest single below.