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Lil Tecca picks up the tempo on new single ‘Faster’

As many of today’s teenage, new wave stars cite Lil Tecca as one of their biggest influences, most notably artists like Tana and cheRomani+, their respective ascents this year have been coupled with quite the Tecca drought. Having released a project in back-to-back-to-back years from 2019-2021, Tecca’s only been a part of two singles in 2022 in January’s “Fallin” and last month’s “She Want Some More” with Internet Money and Ken Carson.

But, as we soon transition from summer to fall, Tecca could be revving up is engines. On Aug. 5, the laid-back, melodic New Yorker released his brand new single “Faster,” his second solo release of the year.

Boasting production from some of the game’s hottest like Census and IM’s Taz Taylor, “Faster” actually sees Tecca hoping to convince a significant other to slow things down a bit. Sandwiched between his long-winded “Girl, why you movin’ faster?” hook that emphasizes this message, Tecca’s singular verse on the song sees him roll with the punches even though he just wants to tone things down.

I told her, “Chill,” but she wan’ top me

You are not accomplished, please don’t try me

I guess that’s some he’ll figure, Tommy

I’m with the gang, not with the posse

“Faster” — Lil Tecca

In the visuals for “Faster,” filmed in London, Tecca is seen cruising in a Rolls Royce and acting like his usual nonchalant self. However, just as the song portrays, the women surrounding him are living their best lives, being purposefully arousing and enjoying the fast life.

With his second track in the last three weeks, these signs of life from Tecca are encouraging for fans who could be holding their breath for a new Tecca project this year. However, Tecca would probably be the first to tell them that there is no rush.

Check out “Faster” below!