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Lil Tjay is ‘Goin Up’ on new single

This past week, Lil Tjay got active by releasing a fresh freestyle titled “Lavish,” and subsequently announcing his upcoming EP STRICTLY4MYFANS, which has yet to be given a release date.

However, as he hopes to drop music more frequently in the coming weeks, it seems that he has now given us the first promotional single for the EP. On April 29, just before his 21st birthday, Tjay gifted his fans his new single “Goin Up,” as he continues to deliver the upbeat, intense flow fans fell in love with when he blew up.

Opening the track after a trademark “grrt baow” ad-lib that he famously employed in his 2019 hit “F.N,” Tjay’s chorus touches on the tragic outcomes that could’ve taken place when he grew up in his rough New York community, but instead he ascended to a lifestyle of glistening watches and luxury vehicles.

Goin’ up, up, up, up, up, up, started on the corner (Up)

Bently Truck, red guts, couple milli’ up, could’ve been a goner (Up)

I put on for my city, youngest one to do it, this ain’t no persona (Up)

Richard Mille on my wrist, oh shit, n***a, you say what you wanna (Grrt, baow)

“Goin Up” — Lil Tjay

The simplistic, piano-driven beat allows for Tjay’s bars to take center stage on the track, as he sounds as fiery and boastful as ever. The lengthy singular verse on “Goin Up” sees the nasally voiced icon assert that he still lives the same lifestyle he did before his come-up.

Young n***a livin’ the gang way

Every n***a here with me the same way (Okay)

Just a youngin’, was playin’ that corner (That corner)

Now I’m up and they all on my dangling (My way, oh, oh)

“Goin Up” — Lil Tjay

As Tjay’s second single of 2022 to land on DSPs, “Goin Up” should produce optimism out of his fans that he is well on his way to another big year.

Check out Lil Tjay’s new single “Goin Up” below!