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Merlyn Wood zooms past the ‘GREEN LIGHT’ on new single

While BROCKHAMPTON is in the process of conjuring up their farewell album, the band’s most eccentric member Meryln Wood has not hesitated to look forward to his solo career.

Launching his solo revival in November 2021 with his single “S.Y.K.,” Merlyn is at it again, declaring it to be “Motherf**king go-time, green light.”

GREEN LIGHT” (May 30) is the second official release for the Texas emcee since BROCHAMPTON’s 2017 blow-up. The song is produced by CONNIE, who mixed, mastered, designed the cover art for and produced “S.Y.K.,” as well as providing the instrumental for TikTok viral sensation JELEEL!‘s May 2021 hit “DIVE IN!

The bouncy production caters greatly towards the energy and mischief that Merlyn exudes all over the track. To kick the song off, Wood’s first of two verses sees him shout out Kanye West and JAY-Z‘s Watch The Throne hit “N****s in Paris” as well as Gucci Mane, as he depicts how untouchable he is feeling at the moment.

I woke up feeling like a Gucci ad lib

I am a real n***a that is not in Paris

You a fatherless b*tch and that is apparent

You ain’t got no style, boy, you apparent

“GREEN LIGHT” — Merlyn Wood

With multiple renditions of the two-part “turn it up” and “green light” hooks, Merlyn’s pedal-to-the-metal mindset shows he has no qualms with his current situation about his band calling it quits, and is ready to seize this solo opportunity.

For the visuals, Merlyn’s GTA-style video game comes to life, allowing him to choose which outfit he wants to rock and which women he wants to kick it with.

With “GREEN LIGHT,” Merlyn’s beloved explosive delivery from the BROCKHAMPTON days translates masterfully into a solo effort, which makes us hope he continues in this direction moving forward.

Check out “GREEN LIGHT” by Merlyn Wood below!