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Pusha T, Jay-Z, Pharrell are a perfect trio on ‘Neck And Wrist’

That “Neck And Wrist don’t lie,” as Pusha T season is in full swing.

The iconic Clipse lyricist shared the second single “Neck And Wrist” off his highly-anticipated LP Wednesday night (April 5) which is now officially titled It’s Almost Dry. Push has been teasing his fourth studio album for months now, as the legendary Daytona lyricist inches closer to its release off the back off a stellar start to spring. Announcing Phase 1 of his upcoming It’s Almost Dry tour on Wednesday morning, Push’s album could more than likely be available in the coming weeks.

Recuriting icons in both Jay-Z and Pharrell for his latest single, Hov and Push previously collaborated on “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” channeling their rapport on the dynamic “Neck And Wrist.” With Pharrell captaining the beat’s left-of-center soundscape, Push seems more than comfortable tackling something out of his sonic element — surgically spitting about 812’s all blacked out and flexing his “Neck And Wrist” to showcase his wealth.

First in the Beach with a million-dollar auto

Bring the cameraman, we can shoot our own Narco

812 matte black, lookin’ like charcoal

I promise you the floor plan’s nothin’ like the model

Neck and wrist don’t lie

Neck and wrist don’t lie

The money counter ding is so exciting

Summertime, Winterfell, I’m the Night King

Pusha T — “Neck And Wrist”

Introduced with a tons of reverb and referencing Game Of Thrones’ Winterfell in his verse, Pusha continues to display his ability to create unforgettable, coke-laced anthems with ease. Jay-Z is equally as entrancing on Pharrell’s hypnotic production, proclaiming “Hov is always going to be Hov,” amid his deep-rooted “We got different Saab stories, save your soliloquies” line.

Along with his feature on Nigo’s “Hear Me Clearly,” King Push has been quite busy as of late. Following an appearance on Hot Ones, an in-depth interview with Complex, a litter of podcast conversations and even creating a new fast food jingle for Arbys, Push is certainly looking to bolster his legendary status with his next LP. Divulging that he’s the “Martin Scorsese of rap,” It’s Almost Dry is truly gearing up to be the “Album Of The Year” Push promised.

I’m always looking to heighten what it is I do in the rap game. This is a legacy thing with me. This is all about being great. This is all about making sure that the subgenre of street rap is seen at the highest levels, and can compete with everything that’s popular. This is the realest real estate in hip-hop, and I’m the Martin Scorsese of it.”

Pusha T on Hot Ones

Amid “Neck And Wrist’s” release, reports have been circling that the “Diet Coke” rapper’s new effort could be here as soon as April 22. Initially obtained by Hip-Hop-N-More and, this information is still up for speculation and has yet to be confirmed by Push himself. The German website depicts the album name, cover and speculated release date (April 22) on its server.

Nevertheless, the “Night King” is coming for the throne — with Push’s spring heating up much sooner rather than later.

Listen to “Neck And Wrist” below!