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Nigo releases 11-track star-powered album ‘I Know NIGO’

If you’ve paid any attention to rap fashion trends within the last decade, chances are you’re familiar with BAPE and its creator, Nigo.

Apart from his multinational brand, A BATHING APE, being a longtime trademark for the culture — being referenced in countless tracks and worn by a plethora of artists — the Japanese designer, DJ and entrepreneur has already made his mark on the music industry, but still has plans for bigger and brighter things.

Jam-packing his new album, I Know NIGO, with top notch talent, the renowned KENZO designer brought together a few of hip-hop’s heavy-hitters to give the culture what it desperately needed. Featuring Pharrell, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Kid Cudi, Lil Uzi Vert, Pusha T, Tyler, The Creator, Gunna, Pop Smoke and others, 11 tracks is all took for Nigo’s takeover to fully settle in.

Over the last six weeks, Nigo has released track after track of high-quality, unique material — from “Arya” with A$AP Rocky to “Heavy” with Lil Uzi Vert. Most recently dropping off tracks with longtime collaborators the Teriyaki Boys as well as “Hear Me Clearly” with Pusha T — whose upcoming album Its Almost Dry is reportedly releasing in the new few weeks — fans were biting at the bit for months to spin one of the most star-powered albums of 2022. This week, both “Heavy” and “Hear Me Clearly” received video treatments as the album’s rollout continued.

Tyler, The Creator was the last in line for Nigo’s streak of singles, dropping his self-directed music video for “Come On, Let’s Go” Thursday (March 24). As fans relish in Sir Baudelaire’s quick-witted rhymes and bombastic, head-bobbing production behind him, Pharrell’s quick cameo also stirred greater excitement for I Know NIGO, as A$AP Rocky and Tyler also joined forces on its intro track “Lost & Found Freestyle 2019.”

Nigo previously made waves as a DJ with his 2000 mixtape Ape Sounds, as well as his 2014 EDM single “Terrible.” Signing with New York-based management company Victor Victor earlier this year, Nigo has everything at his disposal to curate one of the most successful compilations of 2022. And with this star-studded crew behind him, if you didn’t know Nigo before, you certainly know now.

Listen to Nigo’s ‘I Know Nigo’ below!

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