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‘Drill’ Uzi Vert unleashes new track ‘Heavy’ with Nigo

BAPE founder Nigo has dropped yet another single to promote his forthcoming album I Know Nigo. His latest track featuring Lil Uzi Vert finds the artists diving into new territory with exceptional results, as it is Nigo’s fifth consecutive track over the course of six weeks.

Produced by drill specialist AXL Beats, their latest effort finds Uzi on a banging off-kilter UK-style beat. This is Uzi’s first endeavor into the growing sub-genre and yet, his flow molds perfectly with the aggressive production. He calmly marches through the bells and heavy bass, delivering a performance that is still entirely him but still shows that he could ride over any beat. His melodic hook is as catchy as any of his past work and is destined to get stuck in listeners’ heads for hours.

I don’t think they ready (Yeah)

And I know she know me, I push foreigns like they Chevys (What?)

She f**k with my opps, she do that s**t to be petty (What? Petty, to be what?)

Lil Uzi Vert – “Heavy”

“Heavy” comes quickly after Nigo dropped the fourth single from the project “Morë Tonight” featuring his former group Teriyaki Boyz. The braggadiocious track also features adlibs from the late Pop Smoke, who the track was originally made for. His presence is still felt on the single and one could only imagine how well the collaboration between him and Nigo would have been.

With these five singles, Nigo is building toward a thrilling conclusion when he finally shares the full-length project next week. Nigo’s sophomore effort I Know Nigo is schedualed to drop on March 25 and is preceded by singles feautring A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi and Pusha T.

Listen to ‘Heavy’ featuring Lil Uzi Very by Nigo below!

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