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Midwxst scores from the ‘sidelines’ on hyperpop banger

While plenty of new wave talents have garnered widespread acclaim as of late, no one has made quite as much noise as genre-bending prodigy midwxst.

The hyperpop, hip-hop and pop-influenced multi-hyphenate has amassed an almost cult-like following over the course of this past year — and rightly so. His distinctive sound and lush vocals have fans from a variety of genres flocking toward his music. Accumulating over 100,000 followers on Instagram and over 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify, midwxst’s sound is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Following his immensely successful 9-track project better luck next time — which was released back in March — midwxst has been steadily delivering singles across his SoundCloud page. The latest of these sees midwxst scoring from the “sidelines” — electronically melding the confines of pop and rap that leads in his energetic return to form.

“Sidelines” is a true hyperpop bop — once again proving the seriousness and high probability of midwxst making a leap into mainstream circles. The track sits at just over two minutes long, and throughout its duration, midwxst shows off his exciting vocals, ability to create addicting melodies and ultimately tells a story that directly relates to his audience.

Everyday that I wake up, never feel like I’m enough

Tell my friends that I’m okay, but at night I think that I suck

I just get into my head, and I never can escape

I can’t deal with all the rest, I just wish I wasn’t dead

“sidelines” — midwxst

Midwxst has proven himself as one of the most elite and promising new acts of the current wave of creatives — and he’s truly just getting started. At just 19-years-old, the future is extremely bright for the Indiana native as fans from all over are rooting from the “sidelines” for this truly special talent.

Watch the video for “Sidelines” below!

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