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NLE Choppa and Polo G get ‘Jumpin’ on new single

As NLE Choppa gears up for his upcoming album Me v. Me, each new promotional single is more catchy than the last. On Nov. 5, this sense of urgency was felt when he dropped the project’s third track “Jumpin” featuring Polo G.

“Jumpin” spans three minutes long, as the two young, typically aggressive stars take different approaches to their portions of the song. Opening up with Choppa’s newfound stuttering hook, his energy over the powerful claps and neat money-counter sounds make for an intriguing start.

Rubber band hundreds, this shit keep on comin’

I’m th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-thumbin’ (Th-th-th-thumbin’)

Move like a mummy, the drugs got him slumped

He a ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-junkie (Ju-ju-ju-junkie)

Add to the convo if it’s about money

I’m th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-thumbin’ (Th-th-th-thumbin’)

Used to be bummy, turned nothin’ to somethin’

Now I got my bank account ju-ju-ju-jumpin’ 

“Jumpin” — NLE Choppa featuring Polo G

As he picks up the pace for a slick-tongued first verse about targeted attacks, NLE refuses to settle for less than what he came for. His assertiveness is felt through the many allusions he employs in his bars.

Spin like a ceilin’ fan, not for the dividends

Reaping the benefits like he an immigrant

Lot of artillery, special delivery

Show my agility and my ability

Go on a killing spree like we the military (Let’s go, let’s go)

“Jumpin” — NLE Choppa featuring Polo G

On the back half of the track, Polo shifts gears into a melodic flow, while still matching the cutthroat atmosphere of the song. While he has always had this smoothness in his repertoire, he typically utilizes it for emotional tracks instead of hard-hitters like “Jumpin,” which is exciting to see.

I’m thumbin’ through bands and racks

Deep in that water, bitch, it ain’t no friends in that

First n***a playin’ get whacked

Scope on a new Glock, I got a lens attached

“Jumpin” — NLE Choppa featuring Polo G

The visuals attached to “Jumpin” see the full execution of a bank robbery led by NLE and Polo, as they walk us through the heist’s preparations and fruitful aftermath.

Now that Choppa has three singles under his belt, fans now have their sights set on his first project of the year. Me vs. Me is scheduled to drop on Dec. 17, and will contain 16 songs.

Until we get the album though, stream NLE Choppa’s new song “Jumpin” with Polo G below!