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Rich Amiri, Lil Tecca get it ‘Poppin’ ahead of ‘EVOLUTION’

We’re now less than a month away from Rich Amiri‘s sophomore studio album EVOLUTION. And, although the Boston youngster unleashed a handful of sensational singles in 2022, he has just now provided his official lead single for the LP.

On Feb. 24, Amiri linked with Lil Tecca to release “Poppin.” When chatting with us for a quick interview recently, Amiri stated that most of the project is produced by Internet Money‘s Rio Leyva. He reaffirmed this claim with “Poppin,” produced by Leyva as well as Thankyouwill, Paryo and IM bossman Taz Taylor.

Over the punchy bass and aggressive claps, Amiri utilizes his syrupy, melodically golden voice to perfection. However, along with an impressively lengthy yet captivating “I ain’t really popular but I’m kinda poppin” hook, his verses impress similarly. With excellent command over the production and amusing vocal inflections, “Poppin” is one of Amiri’s best vocal and lyrical displays of his career.

Tired of f**kin’ with them lames that’s why she just f**k with me
No talkin’, I can’t do no talkin
Pull up in that big body, I can’t do no walkin’
I just blocked her number yeah that hoe do too much stalkin’

Rich Amiri on “Poppin”

Midway through the track, Amiri then ushers in one of idols Lil Tecca. In the midst of preparing a new studio album titled Tec, Tecca’s verse does not drop off in quality or charisma compared to Amiri, and in fact enhances the track with his vintage, mild-mannered and self-assured flow.

I ain’t tryna flex but you know dis
That hoe stay on me she be like, ‘Tec you so important’
Half these n****s, they just gassed up b*tch they bloated
Everyday I get my gas up b*tch I’m rollin’

Lil Tecca on “Poppin”

In our aforementioned conversation with Amiri, he did not anticipate that EVOLUTION‘s final track list would have many features. So, with “Poppin” containing a guest verse from Lil Tecca, there is a strong chance that this may be the only time we see an artist other than Amiri throughout the LP. But, it’s evident that Amiri got the most he could of this Tecca assist.

EVOLUTION is set to drop on March 17, and Amiri knew it was time to get it “Poppin” ahead of its official release.

Check out Rich Amiri and Lil Tecca’s latest single below!