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Rico Nasty goes full rockstar on ‘Black Punk’

DMV native Rico Nasty is back on her bully with her last few drops, bringing back that aggressive energy that her die-hard fans have come to know and love.

Her latest release “Black Punk” — the final track ahead of her forthcoming LP Las Ruinas set for release July 22 — brings elements of electronic music and hardcore punk as Rico ruthlessly tears up the ominous instrumental.

Rico uses vivid imagery to threaten her opposition, staying true to the title of the song with her vicious delivery and unfiltered lyrics. She’s definitely bringing back that “Smack A Bitch” energy on her next album, Black Punk, as each of her 2022 offerings solidifies her in-your-face artistic direction.

“Black punk

Black lipstick all over my fat blunt

Beat her face red, I ain’t talking ’bout blush

No exorcism, choppin’, get your head spun”

Rico Nasty — “Black Punk”

Fans have received a new single from Nasty every month for the last three months; the first being “Vaderz” featuring up-and-comer Bktherula which showcased the undeniable chemistry between the versatile duo. Last month’s “Intrusive” took a different direction, boasting a hectic electronic beat backing Rico’s off-the-wall vocals and a music video to match.

Fans of Rico’s experimental style are sure to be pleased with the material she’s been working on as we head into the final stages of her rollout. With hard rock vibes on “Vaderz,” “Intrusive” and now “Black Punk,” it’s clear that Rico’s dedication to her rockstar essence is paying off in a big way.

Watch ‘Black Punk’ below!