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Rico Nasty evades ‘Intrusive’ thoughts on new single

Since the start of last summer, each of Rico Nasty‘s semi-frequent singles has seen her achieve a separate style of either, rap, pop, punk or rock music.

Whether it be the smooth pop-rap approach on “Magic” from last June, August 2021’s hard-hitting “Buss” or the hodgepodge of rap, punk and other delectable sounds on her “Vaderz” collaboration with Bktherula, Rico’s one-of-one style, which she refers to as “sugar trap,” is as lovable as it is unpredictable.

On Tuesday (May 24), she continued this raunchy excellence with her new single “Intrusive.” With a brief hook, repeated twice, where she tells her opposition simply, “you b*tches suck,” Rico breaks free of any restraint by shrugging off any common criticisms of her in her verses.

Skinny b*tch, no butt

I’m only here to smoke more blunts!

And spit on racist cunts!

Mom, if you hear this I’m sorry

I like putting on my makeup, ready to slash throats

Chokin’ b*tches out with spiked chains and rope

“Intrusive” — Rico Nasty

Over electro-rock drums and hyperpop synths, Rico uses the track as a catharsis to embrace her personality and take aim at those who are against her. Her music video for the song, which she claims was made in a day, shares a similar approach.

At the start, she states how she did not feel any ulterior pressure when putting together this release because of how it spontaneously came together. “This music video was made with zero to no budget,” she said. “Zero f**ks and zero expectations.”

Referring to herself as the “black punk,” Rico scrambles and runs away from her insecurities and haters. While announcing the song’s release, Rico alluded to a new project on the way, and later on Twitter claimed it would come on June 17.

While there is currently no track list, title or cover art, Rico has been building her way towards this tape for quite some time. She has not released a full-length project since 2020’s Nightmare Vacation, and her promotional singles in the last year show the same enthusiasm and diversity as the cuts on that album.

As we await Rico’s next moves, check out her new single “Intrusive” below!