Rico Nasty turns up on new single ‘Buss’

One-of-a-kind alt rapper gears up for new mixtape.

It’s not often you come across an artist as versatile, unique and exciting as Rico Nasty. She cannot be boxed in, switching lanes from a polished pop sound to a hard-hitting, punk-rock influenced sound with ease. Rico released new single “Buss” on August 6, subtly showing off her soft singing voice while bringing hostility in her verses.

Rico likes to refer to her sound as “sugar trap,” named after her 2016 and 2017 mixtapes Sugar Trap 1 & 2. “Buss” could perfectly exemplify this young sub-genre of hip-hop, as she mixes bouncy trap production and stimulating synths, jewelry flexes and intimidating bars and gentle sung hooks.

Yellow diamonds on my wrist look like a bus (Yeah, it look like a bus), bus, bus (Yeah, yeah), bus, bus (Yeah), bus (Yeah)

You can try that shit with them but not us (Not us), us (Nah), us (Not us), us (Ha), us (Haha), us (Yeah), us (Yeah)

Wide body, come through lookin’ like a bus, bus, bus, bus, bus, bus (Yeah), bus (Yeah, ayy)

This Sugar Trap shit, I invented it (‘Vented it)

You lil’ bitches really just rented it (Just rented it)

“Buss” — Rico Nasty

This track comes in great contrast to her single “Magic,” released in late June. While “Magic” is a melodic, arousing pop cut where Rico Nasty sings about the romance in her life, “Buss” sounds like a warning to her adversaries not to mess with her. Both of these singles will presumably land on her upcoming mixtape RX, yet to be given a release date.

With just two songs, Rico has displayed her stellar versatility, establishing momentum heading into her new project. But until then, listen to Rico Nasty’s dynamic new song “Buss” below.


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