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Scorey releases 4-song EP ‘Guardian Angel’

New York emotional rapper adds new song to collection of pre-relesed singles.

Syracuse native Scorey continues to make a name for himself with each release. Being the first artist on Polo G‘s ODA Records, Scorey has now released his first semblance of a project with EP Guardian Angel, which adds new title track to three singles that were already out.

Of the four songs on the EP, “Dior You” was initially dropped in March, “Rock N Roll” in May and “Love Letter” in late June. With these tracks and prior ones, Scorey has begun to establish a sound unique to him, heavy on moody, guitar-infused rock instrumentals combined with his melancholic, melodic crooning.

He surely takes inspiration from his idol Polo G, who included him as a feature on his most recent June album Hall of Fame for the ninth song “Broken Guitars.” With that, Scorey is surging in popularity coming into this EP, with his September 2020 single “Moods” achieving 10 million plays on Spotify and fans’ excitement about “Love Letter”‘s release.

On the new single “Guardian Angel,” Scorey passionately hums to begin his sorrowful first verse about friends he’s lost and how his rough environment has affected him.

I took an oath and put it on my hood angels

I miss his soul, I wish that I could’ve saved you

Like “Fuck the streets” but you feel like the hood made you

Some good kids, we feel like the hood changed you

“Guardian Angel” — Scorey

The piano-infused track brings a bit of contrast to the other three tracks, with more of a feeling of despair than moodiness. The guitar beats on “Dior You,” Rock N Roll,” and “Love Letter” bring energy and charisma, while the downtrodden “Guardian Angel” cut sees Scorey dig deep into his heart.

Check out the four track Guardian Angel EP by Scorey below, as he mixes gloomy and spirited performances.