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Scorey plans to release highly anticipated single ‘Love Letter’

After months of teasing on social media, Syracuse-based rapper Scorey is finally releasing his long-awaited single “Love Letter” Friday.

The song first started gaining traction on Scorey’s Triller account, posting a snippet of the song with an accompanying video in March.

Soon after, fans decided to settle the score with the up-and-coming rapper — constantly asking him to drop the song in his Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter comments.

Last week (June 17), Scorey teased the single further by posting a video of the comments left by fans on his social media. Now, the 22-year-old artist has started a pre-save campaign for the album’s release this Friday.

Scorey has been making waves since late-2020 with edgy, rock-infused cuts like “Moods” and “Victim.” However, the New York native has really come into his own as an artist in 2021. Drawing comparisons to Chicago superstar Polo G, he’s made a great fit for Polo’s start-up label, ODA Records — with whom Scorey signed with earlier this year. He currently has 1.7 million Spotify monthly listeners, as the rock-rapper continues to climb to greater heights with each release.

After appearing on Polo G’s first Billboard No. 1 album, Hall of Fame, on “Broken Guitars,” Scorey has seen his stock rise dramatically, as both die-hard fans and causal listeners are starting to pick up on his sharp, guitar-heavy sound. With cadences reminiscent of Polo G on his debut tape Die A Legend, Scorey could provide some competition for Polo down the road.

While Scorey’s latest solo efforts “Rock N Roll” and “Dior You” further prove the young rapper’s knack for genre-bending, he has yet to release his first full-length project. With angst-filled crooning and catchy melodies, it seems as though Scorey is on a stairway to stardom — continuing to emulate the rock legends before him.

Check out OGM’s exclusive interview with Scorey earlier this year, as he touches on his relationship with Polo G, his long-time influence of rock music and more!

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