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SoFaygo lets loose on comeback track ‘Let’s Lose Our Minds’

Cactus Jack signee SoFaygo has experienced a stratospheric ascension in 2021.

On top of being co-signed by the likes of Travis Scott, Trippie Redd and Lil Uzi Vert, his unique style continues to captivate our generation, finally dropping his long-awaited single “Let’s Lose Our Minds.”

Hyping the track by posting snippets and performing it live, this is Faygo’s first solo effort following his 2020 breakout album, After Me. Releasing his debut tape, Angelic 7, in January of last year, “Knock Knock’s” viral success enabled Faygo to flourish as an artist — further developing his raw and inspired sound.

Fresh off features with Lil Yachty (“Solid”) and Trippie Redd (“MP5”), Faygo is primed for superstardom, more so when his debut album finally drops. While his highly-anticipated project Pink Heartz looms closer to an official announcement, Faygo hits his stride with a banger right off the bat.

SoFaygo is undoubtedly one of new wave’s brightest talents, effortlessly flowing on “Let’s Lose Our Minds.” The track is euphorically triumphant with tons of bounce, feeling like a victory lap of After Me’s success and a new era for Faygo all at the sane time.

In the track’s intro, he sounds confused and unnerved, setting the scene for his his angelic ad-libs and lively rhymes. His energy is unmatched on “Let’s Lose Our Minds,” patenting his style over seamless production from Skai. With warm synths and gorgeous EQ automations, the track’s booming kicks and bouncy percussion instantly brings listeners straight to the moshpit.

Bout to lean like a kickstand, hit him if he think he big, man

Bands gettin’ real big, man, blue hundreds, pockets on Crip dance

And I know a couple Crips, man, and I know a couple Bloods (Hey)

You do not want to see blood (Hey), you do not want to see blood

SoFaygo — “Let’s Lose Our Minds”

Calling out his haters and counting up his racks, Faygo is finessing punchlines and sing-rapping his unique flow over the track’s 3:16 run-time, showcasing his knack for putting together cohesive concepts in his songs. His allure is within his rage-inspired vocals and raw singing ability, becoming one the new wave’s most sought after artists in the process.

Put simply, it’s another hit from the young Atlanta-based star — transforming his untapped potential into his greatest strength. Fans will definitely lose their minds once the album drops, as SoFaygo’s rapid rise is about to take center stage for all to see.

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