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Tana is tired of the disrespect on new single ‘hell yeah’

The underground’s hottest 15-year-old is over being overlooked. As Tana turns the heat up while beginning to put out music more frequently, the chip on his shoulder continues to grow along with his impressive catalog.

On Aug. 19, he released his new single “hell yeah,” just one week after his TikTok viral hit “swaggin like this” with Lancey Foux hit DSPs. On “hell yeah,” Tana takes it upon himself to emphasize how incomparably greater he is relative to his adversaries.

Kicking the track off with an immediate aggressive, yet melodic “hell yeah” hook, Tana is not here for disses, only for smoke.

Hell nah, I don’t wanna hear your diss

I just spent two bands on Rick

Hurt her heart, I gotta fix that

MMY with the Rick, they mix-match (Mix-match)

I get my lick back, he get popped like a Tic-Tac (Tic)

And her tongue goin’ zig-zag

We gon’ bring ’em guns out, give ’em hell

Yeah, hell yeah, uh

Yeah, hell yeah, uh

Yeah, hell yeah

“hell yeah” — Tana

On the song’s singular verse, Tana pays homage to Lil Uzi Vert multiple times while referencing his girl’s lustful dancing and his short stature, mirroring the 2020 Uzi track “Myron.”

I’m 5’7, I stand on my money, I’m tall

And no, I don’t hoop, but I swear I could ball

And no, I don’t love you, girl, I ain’t FALL

She do her lil’ shuffle, she do the Futsal (Futsal)

I ain’t leavin’ no witness, don’t care what you saw

“hell yeah” — Tana

With these recent handful of tracks, it would appear that a project of sorts could be on the horizon, especially since frequent collaborator Yung Fazo essentially guaranteed a Tana album on the way. With this in mind, de facto promotional singles like “hell yeah” inspire a ton of hope for a successful showing on the youngster’s next full-length tape.

Check out Tana’s latest release below!