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Tana, Lancey Foux drip out in new ‘swaggin like this’ visual

Tana has gone through a few intriguing artistic changes this year.

Along with making the name change from BabySantana to simply Tana in early July, the 15-year-old had also been going viral on TikTok for his intoxicating hook on his long-awaited single “swaggin like this.”

Now, as August reaches its halfway point and summer winds down, Tana has finally delivered his highly-anticipated cut featuring emerging British icon Lancey Foux. With a snippet fans have been obsessing over for weeks, “swaggin like this” surely validates the hype it cultivated.

Sandwiched in between renditions of the “No, I cannot give you a dollar (No) / I step when my feet in that Prada (That Prada)” hook that has been used in nearly 20,000 TikTok videos, Tana and Lancey deliver stunning, melodic performances over the ethereal synths and subtle keys. Tana kicks off this tag-team takeover with a bold verse about being unapologetic about his moves, which is an impressive stance for an artist at such a young age.

Gon’ be myself forever (Myself), f**k what them people say

You said we was forever then left me the next day

And I ain’t come to play

Comin’ for necks, like, count your days

‘Cause it ain’t another way (Another way)

“swaggin like this” — Tana, Lancey Foux

In the song’s second verse, Lancey shows why his sound is so irresistible, describing his relationship with a woman in the most harmonious and thrilling ways possible.

See how I seize the day, huh

See how I snatch your bae, hm, ooh-ooh, uh

See how I trim her waist (Her waist)

She ready to catch a fade (A fade)

Wadey, I shoot in the rain, uh

She attracted to my pain (To my pain)

She ready to claim my name

I know she won’t complain

“swaggin like this” — Tana, Lancey Foux

Now that this much needed track is available in fans’ libraries, Tana’s next movements will be watched even more closely. With a potential debut project in his sights, nobody is “swaggin” the way Tana is at the moment, and he is well aware of that.

Check out “swaggin like this” below!