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Stay Flee Get Lizzy produces futuristic hit with Lancey Foux, SL

Next to the United States, the UK has become a breeding ground for underground hip-hop talent — influencing New York’s sweeping drill movement as well as a surge grimy, punk-rap in the US.

Producer collective Stay Flee Get Lizzy has played a key role in the growth of the UK’s international appeal, working with artists like Popcaan, Tory Lanez, Fredo, Central Cee and more to make a variety of hits. Their latest track finds them working with the unlikely duo of Lancey Foux and SL — two London emcees with vastly different style.

Though both Lancey and SL spend their verses on “Simple” warning against underestimating their intelligence, both rappers use completely separate styles to do so. Lancey croons aggressively with staccato flows before SL slides in with his matter-of-fact delivery, calmly threatening his enemies.

“You must’ve forgot, you must bе mixin’ the xans

Tired arse niggas, you ain’t Michеlin man

DJ Shank, got the disc in my hand

I got the whole hood on a different swag

I got this psyched-out trip and she tryna drop a tab

Sticks in the Bentley, they think I’m Saddam

I’m ’bout to fuck the whole world up, ’cause I can

Can’t take man for simple, you’re dumb, you’re mad”

Lancey Foux — “Simple”

Stay Flee Get Lizzy’s instrumental features a sizzling 808 with booming kicks and a dark sample melody in the background, complementing the menacing nature of the track. Psychedelic visuals take Lancey and a masked representative of SFGL on a wild car ride before they join SL in an eerie, neon room.

So far, Stay Flee Get Lizzy has only released singles, producing one-off hits for popular artists since 2018. SL has been relatively quiet this year too, popping out for the occasional feature since his last single, “Mission Complete” in 2021.

In comparison, Lancey has been extremely active in 2022, dropping a new single every few months along with collaborations with KayCyy, Yeat, Johan Lenox, Matt Ox and more. His presence at the forefront of underground hip-hop has been a welcome addition to the new wave of budding creatives.

If you’re having trouble finding an American artist to your liking, maybe it’s time to tune in with the UK’s rising stars. Whether it’s Lancey’s autotuned melodies or SL’s straightforward tone, there is a variety of talent across the pond.

Check out ‘Simple’ by Stay Flee Get Lizzy, Lancey Foux and SL below!